Hi there, I'm Nicola, aka the Quirky Cat Mom! At home, I love chilling out with my partner Steve, our rescue cat Bodhi, designing items for this store, and connecting with fellow cat lovers on my Facebook page (Quirky Cat Mom)! I also do what I can to help cats in need so a portion of all sales automatically goes to three cat charities (see How We Help Cats). It's great to see you here and welcome to the Purrtastic Presents family! 🐾❤️

Nicola with her two rescue ragdoll cats, Peggy and Sally on her lap


What Does "Purrtastic" Even Mean?
It's a mix of "purr" and "fantastic"! Yay! 🐾❤️

How Did Purrtastic Presents Start? 
Purrastic Presents started from a desire to combine my creativity and my love of cats during a time of unexpected downtime. It all started in March 2020, during the first COVID lockdown, when I found myself at home with plenty of time on my hands. Eager to dive into something fun and fulfilling, I decided to channel my passion for cats and creativity into a new project! I began learning about website building and social media, which quickly evolved into the vibrant, cat-loving brand you know today - www.purrtasticpresents.com - and the amazing community of fellow cat lovers on Quirky Cat Mom

Tell Me About Your Quirky Cat Mom Community on Facebook... 
Quirky Cat Mom is all about spreading pawsitivity! I share uplifting cat content to brighten your day. 😻 I'm also trying to redefine the “crazy cat lady” stereotype - 'cos being a cat lover is hip, stylish and fun!! 🎉 

What Was The Inspiration For Purrtastic Presents? 
The inspiration for Purrtastic Presents came from my deep love for my two cats, Peggy and Sally, who played a huge role in my life and are the mascots in our store's logo! Sally, with her brown paws, is on the left, and Peggy, with her white paws, is on the right. Their journey to becoming part of my family is at the heart of our brand.

What Was Peggy and Sally's Adoption Story? 
Back in 2005, I was eager to welcome my first cats as an adult and knew I wanted to adopt. That’s when I discovered Peggy and Sally, two litter mates up for adoption. They were in need of a new forever home after their previous elderly owner had passed away, leaving them without a family. At just four years old, these sweet fur babies had found themselves in a tough spot, and I knew immediately that they were meant to be with me.

It was love at first sight when I saw their story and adoption photos. Following a home visit from the welfare organization and my own visit to their foster home, I was thrilled to be approved as their new cat mom. Peggy and Sally quickly became an irreplaceable part of my life, and their loving companionship inspired me to start Purrtastic Presents. Their journey from rescue cats to beloved family members now symbolizes the heart and soul of our store.

Peggy and Sally's presence in my life brought so much joy, and even though they are no longer by my side, they're always in my heart and continue to inspire everything I do at Purrtastic Presents. Together, we shared countless happy moments, and their story is a reminder of the love and joy that adopting cats can bring ❤️❤️

Peggy and Sally standing next to each other on the bedPeggy and Sally

Who Is Bodhi, and What Is His Adoption Story? 
After Peggy and Sally sadly passed away at 17 and 20 years old respectively, their absence left the biggest void in my life and in my heart. It was some time later that our vet reached out to me about a young cat (about 10 months old at the time) who had been abandoned at their surgery. He had been living at the clinic for a couple of months and was in dire need of a forever home. How could I say no - it felt like this was meant to be. And that’s how our sweet and cheeky Bodhi came into our lives, filling our home with new love and joy ❤️

Bodhi the cat lying on the couchBodhi Settled Into His New Forever Home


I'm Not Only About Cats, I Love All Animals! 
As an animal lover, I’ve been featured in various national and international news when I led rescue efforts to help a swan that had landed on the railway tracks and then would not move from the side of the road, in a West London (UK) suburb, where I lived at the time. The Daily Mail, ITV news and AOL.com . You can see all the photo's and video on my Twitter account. (Spoiler alert: the swan was fine and it all had a happy ending)

swan photos from the swan rescue at South Acton, London

    Still here? Let’s connect! You can reach me at nicola@purrtatsticpresents.com or on my Quirky Cat Mom Facebook page!

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    Thanks so much for taking the time to find out a bit more about me and more importantly, my cats, and visiting my store. I'm sure you'll find something that you'll just love!

    aka Quirky Cat Mom

    P.S. Give your cat a cuddle from me! 

    Purrtastic Presents' Mission
    At Purrtastic Presents my number one goal is to brighten up your day by bringing you amazing products! I've spent countless hours designing unique cat themed t-shirts, hoodies and mugs for you to enjoy! 

    As a cat lover, I struggled to find other stores that sold the unique cat themed products I was looking for, while offering fast, friendly service. So that's the reason I've have made it my mission to provide all customers with: 

    • A range of the highest quality cat themed products for cat moms and dads!
    • A focus on unique, quirky and fun products that are not available in brick-and-mortar stores! 
    • Customer centric support that is fast, friendly and efficient!

    Please note that at this current time we only ship within the US.

    Why Choose Purrtastic Presents? 
    I'm working hard to help redefine the “crazy cat lady” stereotype - 'cos being a cat lover is hip, stylish and fun!! 🎉 When you shop with Purrtastic Presents you'll see that I'm focused on bringing you unique products that you won’t find anywhere else! Two of our most popular t-shirts, I'm Not Antisocial, I Talk To All Of My Cats and If My Cat Makes You Uncomfortable, I'd Be Happy To Lock You In The Other Room are fantastic examples of this! We've got amazing t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and homeware! Keep an eye on my website and social media for the latest designs and products!

    If you have any questions, please contact us today and we'll get back to you ASAP.

    How To Contact Us
    Please note that our support team are available to answer any questions you may have Monday to Friday 9AM-5PM EST.