Hey there, I’m Nicola (aka the Quirky Cat Mom)

Most days you can find me at home with my partner, Steve, and our rescue cat, Bodhi (our very cute but cheeky tuxedo kitty), designing items for my website and spending time with the cat-loving community on my Quirky Cat Mom Facebook page! I do also still have a full time day job so that takes up a lot of my time as well. 

I am mostly known for my love of cats (and animals in general), being quite chilled out, my love of Mexican food, and always having a messy desk - no matter how often I tidy it!

Nicola with her two rescue ragdoll cats, Peggy and Sally on her lap

I love serving the world by bringing joy to people’s lives with the cute cat-themed clothing I design myself and interactions with my followers on my Quirky Cat Mom Facebook page.

logo for quirky cat mom facebook page

I am most passionate about serving cat lovers who do not associate with the “crazy cat lady” stereotype and its negative connotations, and about helping cats - so donate a portion of all sale proceeds from my store to some fantastic cat charities.

I am also working on a short course for cat lovers dealing with their senior cats who have developed kidney disease. This is something I lived with for many years and know only too well the stress and worry faced on a daily basis. I know my experience can help fellow cat moms and dads cope during this difficult time. 

Peggy and Sally standing next to each other on the bedPeggy and Sally

Bodhi the cat lying on the couchBodhi

As an animal lover, I’ve been featured in various national and international news when I helped rescue a swan that had landed on the railway tracks in London, UK, where I lived at the time, and who was holding up a train! The Daily Mail, ITV news and AOL.com (Spoiler alert: the swan was fine). You can see all the photo's and video on my Twitter account.

swan photos from the swan rescue at South Acton, London 

When I’m not busy working you can catch me getting to know the new Oxfordshire town I moved to a few months back, playing with Bodhi, and learning about doodling, which is SO much fun!

I’ve also got the furniture-making bug and have been enjoying making my own furniture! – only basic things like tables so far, but I’ll be making walkways along the walls for Bodhi in the coming months!

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me: 

1) I'm originally from sunny Cape Town, South Africa but moved to England when I was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 23-year-old. 

2) I’m a night owl and would rather stay up until 4am than get up early. One of my dreams is to banish the alarm clock forever! 

3) I'm a big believer in the importance of having a growth mindset and personal development. I listen to/read anything by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi!

4) In my 30's I spent 7 years studying part-time while working full-time for both my undergraduate and Master's degrees because I wanted to make a difference in the world, only to realise I could not keep suppressing my entrepreneurial dreams any longer! I started Purrtastic Presents instead of forging a different career path - money well spent! hahahaha

5) I love travel and adventure, and have done some pretty cool trips:

- I volunteered for field research at an environmental research station outside of Churchill, Manitoba (CNSC) in the Canadian wilderness - in the middle of winter! 

- After passing my undergraduate degree, getting divorced and being made redundant all in the space of about a year (phew!), I treated myself to a cruise along the coast of Norway I’d wanted to do for years. It was the solo trip of a lifetime!

- I’ve been to the annual Viking festival, Up Helly Aa, in the Shetland islands!

- I’ve been to Nordkapp, far above the arctic circle in Northern Norway, to see the midnight sun! 

- I spent 4 days on the VIA Rail train from Vancouver to Toronto!

volunteering at Churchill Northern Studies Centre outside of Churchill, Manitoba


Solo cruise on Hurtigruten along the coast of Norway. one of the stops was Tromso with the arctic cathedral in the background.


The Viking festival, Up Helly Aa, boat burning on the Shetland islands


midnight sun at Nordkapp, north of Honnigsvag northern norway.


VIA Rail train from Vancouver to Toronto

    Still here? Let’s connect! You can reach me at nicola@purrtatsticpresents.com or on my Quirky Cat Mom Facebook page!

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    gifts for cat lovers


    Peggy and Sally 
    My beloved Peggy and Sally were a huge part of my life and the inspiration behind Purrtastic Presents. They are the mascots in the store's logo - Sally is on the left with the brown paws and Peggy is on the right with the white paws.

    When looking to welcome some cats into my life back in 2005 (my first cats as a "grown up") I knew I wanted to 'adopt, and not shop' and found two litter mates up for adoption. Their names were Peggy and Sally. I'd always wanted at least two so this was perfect. These poor fur babies had found themselves, at the age of fours yours old, in need of a new forever home. Their former elderly cat mama had just passed away and none of her relatives wanted them - their loss was certainly my gain! It was love at first sight when I read their story and saw their adoption photos. After a home visit from the welfare organization and me taking a trip to see the girls at their foster home, I was approved to be their new cat mom! Peggy and Sally had found their forever home! And we lived very happily ever after for many, many years ❤️❤️

    Thanks so much for taking the time to find out a bit more about me and my darling cats, and visiting my store. I'm sure you'll find something that you'll just love!

    aka Quirky Cat Mom
    logo for Quirky Cat Mom, the Facebook page for cat lovers

    P.S. Give your cat a cuddle from me! 

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    As cat lovers, we realized that we struggled to find other stores that sold the unique cat themed products we were looking for, while offering fast, friendly service. So that's why we have made it our mission to provide all of our customers with: 

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