Give & Grow Donations by Pledge
I am SO excited to announce that Purrtastic Presents have partnered with Pledge to help cats in need! We donate 5% from every sale to the wonderful cat welfare organizations below!

You can click on their logos below to learn more about the amazing work they do for our feline friends! 

We are also giving you, the wonderful cat parents that you are, the opportunity to donate $1 or to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar to be split equally amongst these organizations! Totally optional of course - just click the relevant option at checkout. Easy peasy!  


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May 2021 Running Challenge Fundraiser

gifts for cat lovers     

Final Update: May 31, 2021We finished our month of running! 😺 I ended up running 62 miles instead of 50miles (because this rounded it up to 100km which I thought had a nice ring to it!). Steve did 125 miles, which was just incredible! We were able to raise £1,000 (approx $1,400) from our fabulous friends, family and colleagues for the Hounslow Animal Welfare Societyan amazing no-kill animal welfare organization. Thank you all very much!!!! If anyone still wanted to donate to our cause, you can do so by visiting the Go Fund Me page. 😺😺

Update: May 17, 2021: Thank you to everyone who has donated to this worthy cause! We have raised  £735 (approx $1,000) which is just amazing! We still have 14 days to go and hope to reach our fundraising, and running, target by then! Thank you! 😺😺

The Running Challenge: As the founder of Purrtastic Presents, you'd guess that I am a cat lover and as such I want to help cats wherever I can! My partner and I have decided to do our first fundraising event during the month of May 2021! 

We will complete a running challenge in which I will run 50 miles and he will do 125 miles during the course of May! We are not runners so these are distances are quite daunting for us! But, regardless of how tough it is, we're excited to be making a difference to the lives of countless cats! 

We will be raising funds for the Hounslow Animal Welfare Society and if you'd like to help raise money for this worthy cause, please do so via the Go Fund Me page. 

Thank you very much - and we're sure we can already hear the cats purring with their thanks and gratitude! 


gifts for cat lovers     gifts for cat lovers