Product Factsheet
Purrtastic Presents designs a wide range of cat-themed t-shirts, hoodies, personalized jewelry, mugs and home decor items. 

We only sell original designs, designed by our Founder, Nicola Cilliers. 

Our products can be purchased from our website (US orders only at this time) with free shipping on everything (no minimum order value).

Nicola has loved cats ever since she was a young kid - her photo albums are a testament to this and are full of pictures of her with cats over the years!

Her love of cats grew exponentially after adopting Peggy and Sally back in January 2006, her first cats as a "grown up" They were two litter mates whose previous mama had sadly passed away and found themselves in need of a new forever homes. Nicola adopted them and they spent many happy years together, seeing each other through thick and thin. Peggy passed away just before her 18th birthday and Sally passed at 20 1/2 years old. 

Besides loving cats, Nicola has also always been creative and enjoyed creative pastimes - including taking art classes in school and studying graphic design in college. Purrtastic Presents is the perfect way for her to express her creativity and love of cats. Apart from designing all the products in the store, she also designed the company mascot, the store's logo and the website. 

About Us
Nicola helps cat parents feel proud of being cat-obsessed by designing clothing and accessories that celebrate kitty love and eliminate the traditional cat-person stereotype with humor and style. She offers unique items through her website that make the perfect gift for yourself or your favorite cat parent!

Nicola started Purrtastic Presents during the first pandemic lockdown of 2020. She had always wanted to start her own business and this ended up being the perfect time. While she wasn't sure of much when starting her business, the one thing she did know for certain, was that it had to be cat related store. Why? Well, there were three reasons; 1) She love cats!, 2) She's always loved cats!!, and most importantly 3) She adored her two cats, Peggy and Sally, and wanted to create a homage to the most amazing furry beings she's ever had the absolute pleasure and privilege to share her life with. 

Social Media
Nicola has a growing and very active community of US-based and mostly female followers (97% female, 3% male) on her @QuirkyCatMom Facebook page.

Our Instagram page (@QuirkyCatMom) is smaller and has not been our main social media focus at this time. 

Contact details
Contact Us via the website

Noteworthy Media
In January 2022 Nicola led rescue efforts to help a swan on the railway tracks in West London, UK, where she lived at the time. This story was featured in many national and international news media. Some big names included: 
The Daily Mail
NY Daily News
ITV News

Digital Artwork

gifts for cat lovers


gifts for cat lovers


gifts for cat lovers

gifts for cat lovers


gifts for cat lovers
gifts for cat lovers