Caring For Cats With No Teeth

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The Nasa Pet Hospital has got some great tips on how to look after a cat with no teeth. Yes, it's possible for your kitty to not have teeth and lead a happy life! Read on to learn more...

Several health conditions can cause your cat to lose his teeth. You might feel sorry for a cat that has lost all his teeth, but the good news is that he can still live a full, happy life!  

Caring For Cats With No Teeth

Cats manage just fine without teeth. In fact, they are often happier once any diseased teeth are removed and they are finally free of oral pain and infection.

Make sure to:

  • Ask your cat’s shelter/previous owner for medical history. They may not know everything about your cat’s history, but it’s worth it to ask. A new veterinarian will need the records, too.
  • Get him thoroughly examined. Any decent shelter will rule out any diseases before you take your cat home, but it’s also important to have your new cat get a comprehensive oral and general physical examination within a week of adoption by a veterinarian who is competent in recognizing oral diseases. 
  • Never miss an annual check-up! No cat should miss his annual check-up. But if a cat has no teeth, he may have a chronic health condition, which makes wellness checks even more important.

What To Feed A Cat With No Teeth
Cats without teeth can eat canned food or even dry kibble just fine. Think about it, cats are  hunters by nature. Their teeth are not designed like humans who must grind and chew their food. Non-domestic cats swallow chunks when they consume their prey. We generally recommend feeding your toothless cat whatever you and your cat prefer. You will be surprised to find that some cats actually prefer dry food over canned food, and others prefer canned food over dry. The rough surface of their tongues help them eat by pulling food into their mouth.  

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