What Does It Cost To Keep A Cat?

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International Cat Care have some great advice on the things to consider when getting a cat. Check it out...

If you are getting a cat from a rescue organisation (Purrtastic Presents LOVE the mantra "adopt don't shop") then they may ask for a donation or a fee and again it will probably come already neutered and vaccinated.

Kittens or cats from friends or neighbours don’t usually come neutered or vaccinated, wormed, treated for fleas or anything else and it will be up to you to register with a vet and get these things done.

If you are buying a pedigree cat then there will be associated costs and these may be quite large. Pedigree kittens usually come vaccinated and in some cases already neutered.

What Does It Cost To Keep A Cat?


Neutering is obviously a one-off cost, but several vaccinations will be required to make sure that a kitten is protected from infectious diseases; thereafter a regular booster vaccination will help to protect it during its life (requirements depend on the cat’s lifestyle and risks associated with that – your vet can advise you). 

Then there is food, preventive health care regarding treatment for fleas and ticks and worms, cat litter if you want or need an indoor litter tray, beds and grooming equipment if you take on a longhaired cat. 

Microchipping is also recommended in case your cat goes missing. We recommend that you also insure your cat so that if an accident or illness happens then you do not have to worry about the costs.

Choose your insurance carefully to make sure you get what you expect or need.

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