Why Are Cats Scared Of Water?

Posted by Nicola Cilliers on

This week, we're answering the question of whether cats are scared of water? Pet Air help shed some light on myth!

It is a common myth that cats are scared of water. This isn’t actually true at all and some cats love the opportunity to stretch their sea legs and will eagerly jump in voluntarily. It’s less of a fear, and more of an aversion.

Why Are Cats Scared Of Water?


Cats are actually natural born swimmers. If a cat was to fall into a body of water, its instincts would take over and it would swim automatically. Cats do not have to be taught how to swim. Many cats choose to avoid water out of personal preference and lack of necessity rather than fear. If a cat was in a dangerous situation and the only way out was to swim, it would jump straight in.

If you look at the relatives of today’s house cats, there are some that enjoy a good dip to help keep them cool. For instance, tigers, leopards and lions that live in hotter climates will happily get in the water to cool off. Some cats, like jaguars, are happy to enter the water to catch their dinner and are actually quite accustomed to swimming. The fishing cat of Southeast Asia is another good example. Living in wetlands alongside rivers, streams and mangroves, the fishing cat has no trouble diving into water to catch their prey and are said to be able to swim quite long distances, even underwater.

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